Dr. Tracie Glicker

Dr. Glicker graduated from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine with highest honors in 1990. Prior to that, she graduated with a Bachelor's of Science from Rutgers University in 1986.

Dr Tracie Glicker

Dr. Glicker grew up in Toms River, NJ, attending Toms River H.S. North. She met her husband, Dr. Dana Schoelen, in Veterinary School and moved to his home state of Oklahoma after graduating. They traveled to Oklahoma accompanied by three dogs, three cats and her 20 year old horse. In Tulsa, she ran a satellite clinic for three years and also performed some relief work. They settled back in New Jersey in 1993 after three years out west. Dr. Glicker practiced as an associate veterinarian for seven years at Allenwood Veterinary Hospital in Wall Township. Finally, she and her husband opened their own office in 1998.

She enjoys having her own office and dedicates many late nights working on patients or making phone calls to clients. She particularly enjoys performing surgery.

Dr. Tracie Glicker and daughter Kylie
She tries to be accessible nearly everyday for client problems by answering her cell phone if not at work or carrying a pager after work hours.

Dr. Glicker has fine tuned juggling her time between working and spending time with her two children, Kylie born in 2000 and Blaise born in 2005. Kylie has a cage full of pet mice she just loves to play with as well as her pony, Tigger. She enjoys riding English and horse showing like her mother. Blaise entertains any steering wheel he can get behind or any lawn equipment he can push around the yard.

Dr. Glicker has had horses since she was eleven years old. Her most recent horse is a young TB/Oldenburg gelding. She rides 4 days a week and loves to compete and of course, loves to win.

Dr. Dana Schoelen

Dr. Dana Schoelen
Dr. Schoelen attended Oklahoma State University to complete his undergraduate degree in Bachelors of Science. He then attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine where he met his wife Dr. Tracie Glicker and they graduated in 1990.

Following graduation, they both moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma for three years. Dr. Schoelen worked as an associate at the Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital where he had worked as a technician for years before going to vet school. He indulged in lots of exotic medicine including monkeys and wild cats (Bobcats, Cougars etc.) which were permitted as pets there. Anyway, he still has all his fingers. Despite the fact that this "Okie" enjoyed Tulsa life, Dr. Glicker persuaded him to come to New Jersey in 1993. They settled back in Toms River and were married a year later.

Dr. Schoelen worked at Bayview Veterinary Hospital in Toms River for two years then he worked at Small Animal Veterinary Associates for five years.

Dr. Dana Schoelen and Son Fishing
In addition, he worked as an emergency clinician at Jersey Shore Veterinary Emergency Service for a few years as well. Finally in 1998, he and Dr. Glicker achieved their dream of opening their own veterinary hospital.

Dr. Schoelen continues to enjoy exotic animal practice seeing many birds, lizards, snakes and pocket pets. Any day of the week you'll see him flanked by his German Shepherd, Brody, his constant companion.

He enjoys endless yard work, Cowboy Shoots and most of all spending time with his children, Kylie and Blaise. They both like to mow the lawn with him, drive the tractor around the yard and do anything to help their dad.

Deborah L. Mara V.M.D.

Dr. Debi Mara

As a 1995 graduate of University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Deborah Mara has been a practicing veterinarian for almost 16 years. She has practiced exclusively in New Jersey. Currently specializing in small animal practice, she has experience in Emergency and Critical Care at North Star Vets, Equine in Freehold, NJ and Mixed Animal Practice in Califon, NJ.

Her predominant experience is in the field of small animal medicine with a strong interest in Internal Medicine.

She most enjoys dealing with the people that love their animals and want to provide the best for them; giving them the tools to observe when problems may be imminent and information of the best of wellness care.

She is honored to be associated with Raintree Animal Hospital, which she feels is one of the most compassionate, client-friendly hospitals in New Jersey offering superior medical and surgical care.

She lives with her husband locally. They have just recently become empty nesters and greatly enjoy traveling.