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Effective Flea Prevention & Essential Pet Vaccines in Freehold, NJ

At Raintree Veterinary Hospital in Freehold, New Jersey, our staff works hard to take care of animals of all sizes. Our services include pet vaccines and flea prevention for dogs, cats, and other critters.


Routine vaccinations are administered for dogs, cats, and ferrets. We also perform vaccine titers for animals at risk for reaction, or those with chronic health problem.

Wellness Exams

To protect the health of your pet, we recommend a visit to us for an annual wellness exam. These visits can be done with or without vaccines. We also offer geriatric exams with routine blood screenings.
Owner talking to the Vet — Flea Prevention & Pet Vaccines - Freehold, NJ

Dental Prophylaxis

Like humans, animals need to keep their teeth healthy. When performed routinely, dental prophylaxis keeps your pets healthy and helps prevent geriatric periodontal disease.

Heartworm Prevention

For the prevention of heart worm infestation, our office offers a full variety of products. Visit us today to pick up ProHeart 6, Heartgard™ Plus, or Tri-Heart Plus.
Vet holding the cute Puppy — Flea Prevention & Pet Vaccines  - Freehold, NJ - Raintree Veterinary Hospital

Flea & Tick Prevention

At our office, we provide you with a number of options for your preventative treatments. Prevent fleas and ticks when you use Vectra 3D, Bravecto™, or Frontline™ Plus.

In-house Diagnostics

In-house blood work and fecal and urine analysis are available for immediate results. Ultrasound is also available on site for urinary tract evaluation or pregnancy determination.


If your pet has to be anesthetized for any reason, we have several safe options available, including a Propofol injectable. We determine the best method to use based on your pet's health and current medical status.
Our office has Isoflurane anesthetic machines to maintain patients under anesthesia. Our patients are maintained carefully under anesthesia with equipment such as pulse oximetry, blood pressure monitoring, and EKGs.

Surgery and Radiology

Radiographs are performed on site with or without anesthesia. Routine and complicated surgical procedures are performed by the staff doctors at Raintree.


CO2 Laser

For feline declaws, we offer CO2 lasers. This option is also available for other surgical procedures.

Cold Laser Therapy

We offer a cold laser therapy as a new alternative treatment for inflammatory and chronic conditions. Ask us if cold laser therapy could help your pet.
Dog Having Surgery — Flea Prevention & Pet Vaccines  - Freehold, NJ - Raintree Veterinary Hospital
We offer hospitalization for those patients that need around-the-clock intravenous fluids or injectable medications or other treatments. We offer blankets and beds to try to make their time with us as comfortable as possible. Our staff carefully monitors sick patients that require extra TLC.

Behavioral Modifiers

If your pet often gets anxious, there is treatment available. Please ask us about Adaptil™ for dogs and Feliway™ for cats.

Client Services


Boarding is offered to our established clients. Boarding is charged by the calendar day regardless of drop off and discharge time. All of our boarding fees are to be paid at the time of your pet(s) admission. We discharge pets after 9:00 AM. All dogs are walked four to five times daily. Cages and runs are cleaned out a minimum of twice daily or more often as necessary. Food and water are supplied and changed at least twice daily.
Your own food and toys can be brought for your pet along with towels or beds but may get dirty and require washing during their stay.


We recommend and provide micro-chipping to ensure permanent ID for your pet.


Only available for fractious animals that need sedation.

International Health Certificates

Looking to travel overseas with your pet? This process is very detailed and you'll have to follow certain steps before coming to our office. Our doctors have the National Accreditation to issue International Health Certificates for any animals needing to travel overseas.

Each foreign country has specific requirements including vaccinations and the number of days prior to travel when they can be administered in order to obtain the International Health Certificate in time for your scheduled trip.

1st Step: Contact www.aphis.gov to research the specific requirements of the country you plan on visiting. If traveling to European Union, you must use the New EU form Annex IV or Annex 1 form depending on whether you are traveling with your pet or not.

2nd Step: Contact the Consulate of the country you plan on visiting to confirm these requirements.

3rd Step: Contact your airline they may require an additional form such as APHIS 7001 form to be issued by licensed veterinarian that states the pet fit to travel.

4th Step: Bring all documentation, including vaccine (Rabies Certificate w/mfg info) and medical records, to our office when you bring your pet for the scheduled exam.

Feel free to contact our staff at 732-761-0868 with any questions
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Contact our veterinary office today to visit us for your furry friend's flea prevention or pet vaccines.